Wright and Wilson on Women’s Ordination

Posted: November 28, 2012 in church leadership, controversy, ecclesiology

I find myself appreciative of N.T. Wright’s rebuke and in agreement with Doug Wilson’s exegesis.  Andrew Wilson sums things up wonderfully when he writes,

The church should not take its marching orders from the contemporary zeitgeist, or David Cameron, or the outraged twitterati, but from King Jesus, who has spoken. The fact that Wilson (and I) disagree with Wright about what God has said [about women’s ordination] does not mean we are on different teams; we are all insisting on the authority of divine revelation, rather than human preferences, as the standard to which we appeal when we make decisions. One day, Doug Wilson, Tom Wright, Justin Welby, Paul, Phoebe and Junia will be sitting at the same table, sharing war stories and comparing notes.

Christians on both sides of the divide would do well to remember this fact, rejoicing in our shared commitment to Scripture and the Gospel without diminishing the importance of the debate.


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