Athanasius Attacking the ‘Foul Heresy’ of Arianism

Posted: October 9, 2012 in false teaching, history, Jesus, theology

Wily and villainous, seeing that her older sisters have plainly been identified as heresies, the Arian heresy employs the language speech of Scripture, as did her father the devil. … Persuaded by you, I believed it necessary to to tear apart the breastplate [Job 41:13] of this foul heresy and to point out the foul smell of her folly, so that those who are distant from her might flee her, and those deceived by her might repent, and with the eyes of their heart opened might discern that, just as darkness is not light, falsehood is not truth, the Arian heresy is not good.

– Athanasius, “Orations Against the Arians,” 1.1, as quoted in The Trinitarian Controversyed. and trans. by William G. Rusch (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1980), p. 63


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