An Encouragement to Study History

Posted: May 23, 2012 in books, evangelicalism, history, quotes, theology

Some Evangelicals have a good grasp of the history of evangelical theology.  Unforunately, the majority is sadly deficient in historical knowledge.  Their theology tends to be ahistorical.  They lack a sense of the course of theological history which is their heritage.  They believe what they are taught here-and-now and have no awareness of the there-and-before.  To hold evangelical faith without a minimal knowledge of its history is theologically unhealthy if not precarious.  Without question, a number of fundamentalists and evangelicals have deserted the camp because, lacking any real historical knowledge of their heritage, they did not see their heritage in its proper light nor did they have an appropriate vantage point from which to assess the alternative view to which they capitulated.

– Bernard Ramm, The Evangelical Heritage: A Study in Historical Theology (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2000), 14


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