Flying Teachers Make Bad Role Models

Posted: April 19, 2012 in church, community, discipleship, evangelicalism, leadership, preaching

To these elitist developments [within Evangelicalism], we might add the emergence of the ‘flying teacher’ as an aspirational goal, given the departure from local pastorates by some to enhance ministry opportunities. Such a lifestyle has much to make it attractive: positively, it does allow wider access to the insights of a talented individual; negatively, it offers the individual limited accountability, not much need to prepare new sermons each week and none of the aggravation which comes from facing the same people year in, year out, sermon after sermon. Thus, it surely lacks the kind of context which would make such leaders truly helpful as role models. It is one thing to preach the same amazing sermon a dozen times a year, each time to a different crowd; but it gives you no insight whatsoever into the struggles of the pastor who has to prepare sixty plus sermons in the space of twelve months and keep his congregation engaged, fed and watered thereby. The loosening of role model from actual local church commitment is becoming quite dramatic and yet an almost unquestioned part of the culture.

Carl Trueman, “An Important and Positive Lesson from the Liberals (which you might not hear elsewhere)


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