When the Building Collapses

Posted: April 18, 2012 in books, providence, quotes, suffering, theology

Timely words for a generation of Christians that often associates God’s favor and grace exclusively with prosperity, comfort, material blessing, and worldly happiness:

Job’s words [in Job 13:15] remind us of God’s sovereignty over all of life, including its pain and suffering. God is not the author of evil, of course, but he is sovereign over the Devil and all the brokenness we sinners have let loose in the world. Nothing comes to pass outside his authority or without his okay, so even our suffering unto death is part of the divine appointments already made for our life. God is not an antidote to the rogue element of pain. Pain is a consequence of the sin-fractured world, but none of it provoked some plan B that God must resort to in order to fulfill his purposes. Our eternal and omniscient God has already compensated for the normal abnormality of pain by predestining its role in the story of redemption. Sometimes when God closes a door, he doesn’t intend to open a window. Sometimes when God closes a door, it’s because he wants us inside when the building collapses.

– Jared Wilson, Gospel Wakefulness, pp. 45-46


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