Sin is About God, Not Pears (or Sex, or Money, or Fame)

Posted: March 19, 2012 in augustine, god, joy, judgement, obedience, quotes, sanctification, sex

Rhett Dodson, “Our Hearts, Desperately Deceptive“:

When [Diane] Sawyer was with ABC’s 20/20, she did an exposé on “Prostitution in America: Working Girls Speak.” It was one of the saddest television programs I’ve ever watched. … Why would beautiful and intelligent young women throw away their lives this way? “Glamour” and “money brings happiness” were prominent answers. Promises of glamour and happiness—the Devil’s counterfeits for holiness and joy—lured these young women into a lifestyle of emptiness and untimely death. …

I then thought about Augustine. It wasn’t his immoral lifestyle (he lived with a woman prior to his conversion) that made me think of him; it was his theft of pears. As a teenager, Augustine had crept into an orchard under the cover of darkness and stolen some pears. Why? He confessed:

“It was not the pears that my unhappy soul desired. I had plenty of my own, better than those, and I only picked them so that I might steal. For no sooner had I picked them than I threw them away, and tasted nothing in them but my own sin, which I relished and enjoyed. If any part of one of those pears passed my lips, it was the sin that gave it flavor” (Confessions, 2.6).

Had Diane Sawyer interviewed Augustine, his face blurred on the television screen but clear to the eyes of God, he would have said, “It’s not about pears.”


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