We Have No One to Blame But Ourselves

Posted: November 15, 2011 in america, culture, current events

A surprisingly insightful commentary from NPR on Kim Kardashian’s failed marriage:

I stress that because the Kardashian nuptials have once again triggered the cycle of indulgence and regret that marks both the public treatment of celebrity news and the day after Thanksgiving. Once again, we hear about the decline of culture, the end of intelligence, the shortening of the attention span, the flash of shiny objects, and the crass devaluing of marriage, femininity, masculinity, love, religious ceremonies and the New Jersey Nets. As if this is Kim Kardashian’s fault for managing to get her wedding turned into a preposterously expensive bacchanal held inside a glass dome with millions of noses pressed against it, mostly on the strength of her round behind.

This is a woman who is literally a famous walking derriere, and there is absolutely no need for her to spell the end of anything on earth. The thing about those who rise without talent is that they have no power but the power given freely to them…

We are fooling ourselves in thinking that the Kim Kardashians, Britney Spears, and Paris Hiltons of the world are the cause of our culture’s continuing degradation.  Celebrity culture, with all it’s depravity, is simply a symptom (or perhaps more accurately, a creation) of the sickness that resides in us all.

  1. Wow, the author managed to be quite insightful and serious but yet hilarious at the same time. He has a fair point on the Kardashians et al., but it’s a chicken-and-the-egg question: did said Kardashians start the behavior which has degraded America, or has America created the depravity that “Crazified” the Kardashians? I think both share the blame.

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