A Sad Day for Wheaton

Posted: November 11, 2011 in current events

Yesterday, Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer informed my fellow students and me that he will be leaving Wheaton College and returning to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School after this school year.  After three years at Wheaton, Vanhoozer made the difficult decision to return to TEDS due to logistical strains related to not being able to sell his house and therefore having to undertake a long commute to and from school each day.  He was very clear that there was no “scandal” involved in his decision to leave, and that it was made with much prayer and godly counsel.

As someone who was looking forward to learning from him over the next two years (I am privileged to have him as my advisor), I must say that this is disappointing news.  Yesterday was a sad day for Wheaton, as the school has greatly benefited from having Dr. Vanhoozer as its Blanchard Professor of Theology.  However, we know that God is sovereign and providentially working all things for His glory and the good of His church.  Dr. Vanhoozer will continue to further Christ’s kingdom through his scholarly writing and work with students at TEDS.

Dr. Vanhoozer is the author of numerous books including:


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