Reflections on the Death of Jesus – Part 1

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Jesus, prayer, soteriology

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Woke up this morning with a painful crick in my back.  Then I thought of Jesus and what His back must have felt like after they whipped and scourged Him…

My pain promptly diminished.

I wonder what the early hours of Jesus’ last “free” day were like.
I wonder what His first waking thought was.
I wonder how heavy His feet felt as He and His disciples approached Jerusalem, ready to celebrate the Passover in a whole new way.

He would soon complete His mission.
He would soon fulfill so much of His people’s history…in one excruciatingly horrific day.
The weight of history had been laid on His shoulders.
Truly, the cup was His, and only His, to drink.
And yet He kept walking.

Father, thank You for strengthening Him, through your Spirit, to be faithful.
Jesus, thank You for being obedient, for not turning aside from the plan that God had ordained beforehand.

Thank You for embracing Your calling as God’s beloved Messiah, anointed with the task of being rejected and killed by sinful man, thereby saving them for Your Father’s possession.

If You had not woken up that morning and set Your eyes toward Jerusalem, our doors would not be covered by Your precious blood and the curse of death would linger still.


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