The Dead Sea Scrolls Online

Posted: September 26, 2011 in bible, current events, history, misc, old testament, technology

Google has just announced a partnership with The Israel Museum, Jerusalem to bring the Dead Sea Scrolls to the web, and thus to the fingertips of anyone who would like to take a look at these incredibly significant documents.  The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered by a shepherd boy in 1947 and include some of the oldest known biblical manuscripts in existence.

Now, anyone around the world can view, read and interact with five digitized Dead Sea Scrolls. The high resolution photographs, taken by Ardon Bar-Hama, are up to 1,200 megapixels, almost 200 times more than the average consumer camera, so viewers can see even the most minute details in the parchment. For example, zoom in on the Temple Scroll to get a feel for the animal skin it’s written on—only one-tenth of a millimeter thick…

The scroll text is also discoverable via web search. If you search for phrases from the scrolls, a link to that text within the scroll viewers on the Dead Sea Scrolls collections site may surface in your search results. For example, search for [Dead Sea Scrolls “In the day of thy planting thou didst make it to grow”], and you may see a link to Chapter 17:Verse 11 within the Great Isaiah Scroll.

The web-app that Google has created for viewing the scrolls is pretty sweet, offering an integrated English translation for those of us who don’t read ancient Hebrew or Greek.


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