What a Day Will That Be!

Posted: September 22, 2011 in eschatalogy, hope, Jesus, joy, puritans, quotes

O fellow Christians, what a day will that be, when we, who have been kept prisoners by sin, by sinners, by the grave, shall be brought out by the Lord himself!  It will not be such a coming as his first, in poverty and contempt, to be spit upon, and buffeted, and crucified again.  He will not come, O careless world! to be slighted and neglected by you any more…

If the heavenly host, for the celebration of his nativity, must praise God; with what shoutings will angels and saints at that day proclaim glory to God, peace and good-will toward men!  If a star must lead men from remote parts, to come to worship the child in the manger; how will the glory of his next appearing constrain all the world to acknowledge his sovereignty!  If, riding on an ass, he enters Jerusalem with hosannas; with what peace and glory will he come toward the New Jerusalem…

To think and speak of that day with horror doth well become the impenitent sinner, but ill the believing saint…[S]hall not the saints, with inconceivable gladness, cry, “Yonder is he whose blood redeemed us, whose Spirit cleansed us, whose law governed us; in whom we trusted, and he had not deceived our trust; for whom we long waited, and now we see we have not waited in vain!..

And now, Christians, should we not put up that petition heartily, ‘Thy kingdom come?’  ‘The Spirit and the bride say, Come: and let him that heareth (and readeth) say, Come.’  Our Lord himself says, ‘Surely I come quickly.  Amen: even so, come!  Lord Jesus’.

– Richard Baxter, as quoted in JesusEd. David F. Ford & Mike Higton (Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2002), p. 288-289


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