Tips for College Students

Posted: August 26, 2011 in education, misc, sanctification

Jeff Brewer offers 15 tips for college students who want to grow in their love, commitment, and passion for Jesus and the lost.  Here are some of my favorites:

2. Join a church. Find one that preaches the Word, loves worshiping God as a body, and seeks to make Christ known. Once you find it, join it and start building relationships.

This is something that many college students miss, instead opting for church-hopping, which means never really getting “plugged in” or serving in any meaningful way.  I’m all for taking some time to find the best church possible (don’t rush your decision), but at some point, you should pick a church and begin the membership process.  The biblical pattern is that Christians join with one another in the context of churches.  To neglect this is to neglect one of the primary, God-ordained means of your sanctification and growth.

4. As now so then. Don’t spend your college career talking about how you will follow Christ in the future. Follow him now the way you want to follow him then.

This is a principle that we must constantly remind ourselves of.  If you’re not doing it now, there’s no reason to think you’ll do it in the future.  Don’t put off passionately pursuing Christ until “later.”  That “later” will never come and, upon graduation, you will find yourself just as immature and ineffective as you were freshman year.  Carpe diem!

7. Remember, following passionately after Christ is not going to be the norm (yes, sadly even at Christian colleges this can be true). Look to God’s Word for the standard of what an authentic follower of Christ looks like and seek others who seek him in the same way.

I was first struck by this truth during my first year at Bible college.  Talk about a punch in the gut!  But man isn’t our standard; Christ is.  Strive for faithfulness to His Word, without always comparing yourself to others.  And then find a good friend – someone who is a little farther along than you – and learn from him (or her).

12. When you find someone you are interested in dating, make sure that their one aim in life is the same as yours (see #1 above.)

This means talking about such things (not just discussing the most recent Office episode or “Poking” each other on Facebook).  Don’t wait until you are in the midst of a deep and powerful relationship to determine whether or not your special someone is actually interested in truly following Christ.  This doesn’t mean you hold them to a standard of perfection, just that they are decidedly swimming in the same direction as you.

15. Pursue God joyfully. Is there anything greater than knowing Christ? Make the joy of pursuing Christ a hallmark of your life.

This is another one that I need to constantly be reminded of.  Truly, is there anything greater than knowing Christ?  God has sovereignly – from before time! – predestined you for adoption as His beloved child.  Nothing can separate us from His love!  Truly, we should abound with “joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, obtaining the outcome of [our] faith, the salvation of [our] souls,” (1 Peter 1:8)!


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