Why I’m Studying Historical Theology

Posted: August 8, 2011 in history, theology

The Resurgence:

Part of contextualizing the gospel involves recognizing the traditions of that culture—discerning what is redeemable and what is an idol…The simple fact is that the moment something is done more than once, a tradition has been established. Tradition is good in so much that it points to Christ and connects with the saints of history. We must ask: what traditions are we establishing and upholding…Historical theology gives us an understanding to the gospel-centrality of certain traditions that should be established and upheld, not neglected. Tradition should not be ignored, but infused with the gospel. Traditionalism should not be tolerated, but confronted with the gospel. What traditions are you establishing? What traditions are you upholding? How are you combating traditionalism in your context? Traditionalism requires that we come to God in a certain way, while the timeless tradition of true gospel belief frees us to come to Jesus as we are.

The Resurgence has a slew of great posts related to historical theology that are definitely worth checking out (one example)!


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