The Gospel is Not Mere Happy Sentimentality

Posted: July 12, 2011 in evangelism, gospel, Jesus, judgement, quotes

The gospel announces the dawning of the kingdom, the coming of the king, especially focusing on his cross and resurrection, to redeem a fallen and rebellious people to God—but the entailment of this news is catastrophic judgment on those who spurn him. All of this is bound up in the gospel: the gospel is not mere happy sentimentality that rejects any judgment, but the spectacular news of what God has done in Christ, with all its comprehensive entailments in both blessing and judgment to the glory of God and for the good of his redeemed people. To put this matter in the broadest Christian categories, ultimately people will find forgiveness and reconciliation to God in the cross, “where wrath and mercy meet,” or they will face unrestrained judgment and face the wrath of God unprotected by Christ.

– D.A. Carson, “You Asked: Did the Apostle Paul Have a Bad Hermeneutic?


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