Away From the Trees of the Garden

Posted: July 8, 2011 in books, faith, gospel, history, love, puritans, quotes, theology

Are any of you depending upon a righteousness of your own?  Do any of you here think to save yourselves by your own doings?  I say to you…your righteousness shall perish with you.  Poor miserable creatures!  What is there in your tears?  What in your prayers?  What in your performances, to appease the wrath of an angry God?  Away from the trees of the garden; come, ye guilty wretches, come as poor, lost, undone, and wretched creatures, and accept of a better righteousness than your own.  As I said before, so I tell you again, the righteousness of Jesus Christ is an everlasting righteousness; it is wrought out for the very chief of sinners…

Come, dear souls, in all your rags; come, thou poor man; come, thou poor distressed woman; you, who think God will never forgive you, and that your sins are too great to be forgiven: come, thou doubting creature, who art afraid thou wilt never get comfort; arise, take comfort, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of life, the Lord of glory, calls for thee…O let not one poor soul stand at a distance from the Saviour…O come, come…

Happy they who have got this robe on; happy they that can say, “My God hath loved me, and I shall be loved by Him with an everlasting love!”  That every one of you may be able to say so, may God grant, for the sake of Jesus Christ, the dear Redeemer; to whom be glory for ever.  Amen.

– George Whitefield, as quoted in J.I. Packer’s A Quest for Godliness, p. 160-161, emphasis mine


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