Mission Denver 2011 – Update 3

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Mission Denver

“You mess with the bean, you get the whole burrito!”

by Olivia Hill

For today’s update, I want to show just a few snapshots of the amazing things that we’ve seen here that have really impacted us.

Rachel: Last night at the Bible Clubs, Rachel was able to meet several very special kids. The three of them were from Burma, the youngest of which spoke little to no English. During game time, when the other kids were playing soccer, Rachel saw them meandering around, not knowing what to do. She took them under her wing and decided to teach them how to play. Throughout the rest of the night, the kids – ranging from four to nine – latched onto Rachel like a surrogate mother. Then the two younger kids started complaining that they weren’t feeling very well. She asked them about the last time they ate and they replied that they didn’t remember. Rachel quickly gave them some crackers, pretzels, and water, which they ate greedily. She learned that they were born in Burma, but have lived here for a while now. She took all the free time she had really getting to know these kids. At the end of the evening when she was painting their faces, she told them, “You guys are my best friends.” The oldest girl then said, “I don’t believe you.” Almost in tears, Rachel tried to convince them how much she already cared for them and loved them. After a while, the girl then asked, “Pinkie promise?” Well of course Rachel pinkie promised and made them promise to come back the next night. Rachel really was able to make some lasting connections. Already in this short time, she has learned to really love and cherish these kids.

Alexis: 5am yesterday morning, Alexis woke up to go to the men’s shelter to serve breakfast. When she got there, she was put to work chopping carrots for the salad they would have for lunch. After she was finished, she was asked to wipe off tables and take trays away from the homeless after they finished. Many of the men were very polite and when she asked to take their trays away, they struck up small conversations. One elderly man was finished with his meal and when she went to pick it up, she said, “How is your day going so far?” He replied, “It’s wonderful.” Alexis was completely struck by the amount of gratitude this man had. He was homeless, old, and looked like he was in bad health, but his reply was still “wonderful.” Others asked her how her day was and noted how grateful they were that she and all the others were there to help them. This, for Alexis, was very humbling and made her realize how truly blessed she is.

Aaron: After we finished up with going door-to-door, helping out the neighborhood, Aaron found himself at our Bible Club site: Fuller Park. There, he met a ten-year old girl named Ariella on the tire swing. Striking up a conversation with her (actually the first conversation he had ever had with a kid), he got to know her. This conversation was “the first poverty [he] witnessed in a child.” After some time, Ariella told Aaron that he was “like an older brother to her. “ However, she didn’t have any older brothers so he asked her why she thought so. She said, “Because you love me. “ Above the many emotions running through his head, Aaron was saddened most of all. Sad because she felt more love from one kid pushing her on a tire swing in a park for 15 minutes than she did from her own family. “It was the least that I could do, but it was the world to her.” Aaron then asked her if she’d like to come to Bible Clubs. She didn’t end up being able to make it, but Aaron is very hopeful that she’ll be able to come tonight. Perhaps he’ll be able to show her a love that is infinitely better than pushing her in a tire swing—the love of Jesus Christ.

All these stories are just glimpses into the impact that these people have made upon us, and the impacts that we’ve made upon them. However, each one of us has a story just like Rachel, Alexis, and Aaron that has impacted us. I can speak for all of us when I say that the longer we’re here, the more we’re falling in love with this city and its people. But we know that this is just a mere glimmer of the love that Jesus Christ has for all of His people in all of His cities.

  1. jennyjoline says:

    It looks like things are going fabulously! You are all doing so much & I’ve heard so many terrific things from the leaders too. I knew you guys would get there, work hard, have great attitudes & be ready for anything. I am praying for you all. Get some sleep when you can. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Love you!

  2. jennyjoline says:

    I also need to add that the videos are a lot of fun. I’ve even found the “bonus” vids – which are helpful as anything that has Dan Miller in it is a huge hit with a certain little boy. He nows runs into my room saying, “Watch Daddy!” I ask, “Do you want to watch Thomas the Tank?” And the answer is, “No, Daddy! Watch Daddy!” So you’re keeping Gabe happy getting to see what his Daddy is up to.

  3. Dani Christensen says:

    Hey! You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday!!! Keep praying and asking God to show Himself to you so you can be like Jesus to others, We love you guys and miss you. Looking forward to hearing what Godis doing in and through you.
    Dani (MOM)

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