What Do You Mean By “Missional”?

Posted: May 27, 2011 in culture, evangelism, gospel, missions, video

Recently, I posted excerpts from a series of articles Ed Stetzer is writing about being a “missional” church.  As I noted in the post, Stetzer has a very specific definition of what he means by the term “missional,” and notes that it is often used in other ways (which is one of the difficulties in these discussions).

Well, I recently stumbled across an interview with Doug Wilson that evidenced this fact.  The question that was put to him was, “What do you think of ‘missional living’?”  However, as you’ll quickly see if you watch the video, the interviewer’s understanding of “missional” is significantly different than Stetzer’s (or mine), and is therefore proof of the importance of carefully defining the words we use when discussing important issues.  Check it out:


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