The Gift: Author Interviews

Posted: May 20, 2011 in books

Crossway recently published the second novel in Bryan Litfin’s Chiveis trilogy.  In the interviews below, Litfin discusses the book’s characters, setting, theology, and more.  As someone who has read the book, I’d recommend checking it out if you’re interested in reading science fiction/fantasy with a uniquely Christian twist.  See the trailer here.

From the publisher:

Hundreds of years in the future, war and disease have destroyed civilization as we know it. Much technology has been discarded and history is largely forgotten. Slowly, the few survivors have begun to build new communities, and kingdoms now prosper in a kind of feudal order. But the Word of God has been lost for centuries.

Nestled in the mountains of what is modern day Switzerland, the kingdom of Chiveis lies comfortably protected from the dangerous world surrounding it. But when an encounter between Teo, an army scout, and Ana, a farmer’s daughter, leads to the accidental discovery of an ancient and holy manuscript, life starts to change. Teo and Ana learn of Deu, the God described in their incomplete text, as their pagan beliefs give way to new faith. Fighting to know the truth about Deu and to find the missing testament of the Bible, Teo and Ana realize an ancient enemy is working against them. But how does this force know about the existence of the Scriptures? And why is it so intent on pursuing their every step? Follow Teo and Ana as their journey leads them through trials and adventures into the unknown.


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