R.C. Sproul: The Freedom of the Will

Posted: May 20, 2011 in edwards, philosophy, providence, theology

John Gerstner

In line with my new series of posts on Jonathan Edwards and his conception of “free will,” I thought I would post an interesting video from Ligonier. As part of the Silencing the Devil series, Sproul invites Dr. John Gerstner to a “mock debate” regarding the nature of true freedom and responsibility.

Gerstner, arguing Edwards’ “compatibilist” position, effectively exposes the untenable nature of the notion of libertarian free will. When put to the test, libertarian free will does not measure up to the teaching of the Bible nor clear rationality.  Unfortunately, this fact is missed by a majority of Christians, who unknowingly assume some conception of libertarian free will (which is why these discussions are so important).


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