Prayer of Confession – Isaiah 53:10-12

Posted: April 18, 2011 in bible, confession, prayer

Father, we come before you today in humility and with reverence.
You are a great God, but we are an unworthy people.

We have not listened to your words, words of life and peace.
We have not obeyed your instructions, instructions intended to guard us and glorify you.
We have not submitted to your Kingship, although you are a good and gracious King who leads us in the path of righteousness.
We have not desired you for who you are, the most glorious and satisfying being in the universe, the One in whose right hand are pleasures forever more!

God, we confess that we have been unfaithful children.

But Father, we also remember and rejoice in your grace.
In the midst of our unfaithfulness, you remain faithful.

You declare to us that it was your will to crush Him.
You who made Him an offering for our guilt.
You declared, “He shall bear their iniquities.”
You led Him to be numbered with the transgressors.
You decreed that He should bear the sins of many, even though you knew the suffering it would entail…suffering that led Him to cry out to you in agony!
And it is in your presence that He now lives, making intercession for us…


You have saved us
through your Son
Jesus, our Lord.

And so we worship you!
We offer our lives in worship to you
As we await the revelation of your Son
and the restoration that you will bring to all things.



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