Dever, Driscoll, & MacDonald Debate Multi-Site Churches

Posted: March 10, 2011 in church, church planting

To be honest, I wish Dever had been more forceful in challenging Driscoll and MacDonald.  At times, they almost seemed to gloat.  I also wish the Bible would have played a more prominent role in the discussion.  If the argument would have turned toward answering the question, “What is the biblical role/duties of a “pastor” in the local church, and how can a pastor fulfill those roles through a video screen?”  I think I would have found the exchange more satisfying.  But, alas, it’s still an interesting debate…

HT: Reformissionary

  1. Paul Maxwell says:

    Agreed. Debating the existence of God or something like that is one thing, but there were points where Driscoll and MacDonald were being jerks, and Dever just kept trying to bring the conversation back to the facts.

    • Matt Gerrelts says:

      My thoughts exactly. I can’t blame Dever for being less direct, however, because once he actually started to say something they would cut him off. The whole setup had Dever on the defense from the beginning.

  2. Robert G. says:

    I think Driscoll was the most genuine in the debate and the most understanding. MacDonald was more abrasive at the beginning but at the end tempered his sarcastic mood.

  3. Joseph Wicks says:

    It’s evident that these guys know each other pretty well and that’s why they were being so casual and informal with each other. It’s good that they’re that comfortable with each other. It seemed less like a debate and more like an interview. I’m sure there’s some good literature (likely authored by these men themselves for starters) out there for anybody who wants to dig deeper into the root issues on either side.

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