Superheros Invade Girls’ Soccer Game

Posted: March 4, 2011 in current events, humor, misc

Couldn’t resist posting this pretty hilarious story:

There was no heroes’ welcome for a group of costumed college students who raced across a high school soccer game in Cleveland.

The six men behind the masks — Spider-Man, a ninja and four Power Rangers — were arrested and charged Tuesday with disrupting or interfering with a school function.

In all, eight Truett-McConnell College students were booked into White County Detention Center for their alleged roles in a joke aimed mainly at the Gainesville High School girls’ soccer team.

Maybe they were just getting in a little exercise.  I mean, they need to be in shape in order to do their “superhero” duty – catching dangerous criminals (including immature college boys).  Wish there was a video…

  1. optimas prime says:

    Oh, there is a video. And we were batman, spiderman, ironman, a power ranger, a dragon, and I was optimas prime.

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