More Young People “Scorning” Sex?

Posted: March 4, 2011 in america, culture, current events, family, misc

Yesterday, NPR reported on a recently published study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics entitled the “National Survey of Family Growth” (read the report).  In the article entitled “More Young People Scorning Sex, Study Finds,” NPR notes,

A new federal survey found that 27 percent of young men and 29 percent of young women ages 15 to 24 say they’ve never had a sexual encounter. That’s compared to 2002, when 22 percent of both men and women said they had never had any sort of sex.

That may be because teenagers are delaying sexual activity.

The use of the word “scorning” in the title of the article seems odd, especially in light of comments made by the “expert” (a pediatrician and senior fellow at the Guttmacher Institute) interviewed in the article:

“I see a generation of adolescents who are very concerned about making the right life choices — trying to take care of their health, trying to take care of their responsibilities in school. Perhaps this data reflects that.”

One has to wonder why NPR chose to use such a strong, even inflammatory, word.  I can’t deny that my first thought was that perhaps NPR is attempting to discredit and/or radicalize a potentially positive trend among young people in America, who may be seeing the benefits of abstinence and consequently choosing to abstain from sexual activity.  Or maybe I’m reading too much into their word choice.



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