Love Wins, Rob Bell Loses

Posted: March 4, 2011 in bible, books, christianity, god, gospel, theology, video

If you keep tabs on the Reformed blogosphere at all, you probably already know about the latest hoopla regarding Rob Bell’s forthcoming book, Love Wins (if not, start here).  Here’s the spark notes version of the story: Bell’s promo video for the book is just him asking a string of questions as he walks (he’s always walking and talking in his videos).  However, the tone and content of his questions seem to imply that he doesn’t believe in the doctrine of eternal damnation (a.k.a. Hell), at least not as Christians have traditionally understood it.

Not surprisingly, the video unleashed a storm of controversy (not that he’s the first person in church history to deny the reality of Hell – i.e. George MacDonald, Karl Barth, and William Barclay, among others).  The only response you need to read is Danny Burke’s excellent post, in which he answers each of Bell’s questions in turn.  Or you could watch this “alternate version” of Bell’s promo video, put together by a friend of mine:

HT: Paul Maxwell, Amy Carter, and Chris Carter


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