God’s Filet Mignon

Posted: February 21, 2011 in books, joy, sanctification

Living for Jesus is hard.  Saying no to our sin and the world is usually difficult and often painful.  Following Jesus often entails carrying a cross.  We are truly soldiers, engaged in a vicious struggle that will not end until we reach glory.  However, let us not forget that, as God’s beloved children, our calling also entails inexpressible joy and ultimate satisfaction.  We are not stoic sufferers, despising this life as we await a future deliverance.  Rather, God has called us to be beacons of hope in the world, joyfully proclaiming the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light!  We have access to the ultimate source of joy, contentment, satisfaction, and pleasure: God Himself.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that…

“When it comes to satisfying our spiritual appetites, there is no such thing as excess.  There are no limitations placed on us by God.  There are no rules of temperance or laws requiring moderation or boundaries beyond whcih we cannot go in seeking to enjoy him.  We need never pause to inquire whether we’ve crossed a line or become overindulgent.  You need never fear feeling too good about God… Christianity forbids us no pleasures, save those that lead to temporal misery and eternal woe.  You cannot desire pleasure too much.  You can desire the wrong kind of pleasure… Sin is declining God’s offer of a filet mignon to fill our spiritual bellies with rancid ground beef.” – Sam Storms, “Christian Hedonism” in For the Fame of God’s Name, pp. 54-55

Are you settling for something less than God’s filet mignon?  Do you regularly experience the inexpressible joy that comes from an intimate and growing walk with Jesus?  Or have you settled for lesser things, the “deceitful desires” of your old self?


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