The Resurgence Total Church Conference

Posted: January 20, 2011 in church, theology

In 2009, The Resurgence held a Total Church Conference based on the book Total Church, written by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis.  The conference was hosted by Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  The website has audio and video from the conference, along with a great series of blog posts on a variety of “church” issues.

However, perhaps the most valuable resource is the Total Church Study Guide, available free of charge.  This study guide, developed by Veritas Community Church, is meant to compliment the book and has sections for each of the book’s thirteen chapters.  I have not had a chance to read through the thirty-two page PDF fully, but it looks excellent.

Explaining the conference, Tim Chester writes:

“In our book, Total Church, Steve Timmis and I argue for two core principles that should shape the life and mission of the local church: gospel and community. The content of our ministry is the gospel. It’s a word: gospel means good news. So being gospel-centered means being word-centered. And it’s a word to be proclaimed: gospel means good news. So being gospel-centered means being mission-centered. That’s the content of ministry. The context is always the Christian community. Ministry is not an event, still less a performance. It takes place in and through the shared life of the Christian community. So whether it’s evangelism or social involvement or children’s work or apologetics or pastoral care or training, these two principles shape what we do: gospel-centered and community-centered.”


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