Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Posted: January 17, 2011 in missions, music, video

Watch this truly powerful music video, calling Christians to words accompanied with actions on behalf of those in need.  100% of the proceeds from this song will go to His Voice Global to build a fourth orphanage in the Sudan.

From the His Voice Global website:

“Our goal is to strengthen the local church by promoting the reality of God’s holistic vision to reach people. When Vernon went to Sudan and listened to Bishop Taban’s vision for orphans, it was captivating. So we partnered with EPC in their vision to carry out the orphanage ministry with a 100% indigenous staff. It has been very important to us that the Sudanese would recognize the power of the local indigenous church. One of the failures of the West has been to go over and run things in such a way that the local people become dependent on the West for vision, constant financial assistance, etc. Many Sudanese have been hurt by this approach. We have looked to see how we could cast vision with Bishop Taban and Anngrace in such a way that we would all benefit from mutual discipleship. One of our prayers is that this ministry will be a testimony to all that when we take time to go and listen to the local people’s vision for their own churches and communites, many more goals can be accomplished in more effective ways.”

HT: Justin Taylor


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