Do You Believe This?

Posted: December 28, 2010 in providence, quotes, theology

Read this quote slowly and think about whether or not you really believe it.

“Part of the hope the gospel gives me is in understanding that I have a God-given responsibility together with a corresponding God-given ability to respond [to every circumstance in life] in a way that honors him as my all-sufficient Savior.” (Total Church, 135)

Now, the question is not, “Do I believe this?”  I’m sure most of us would say that we do.  However, that doesn’t really count for much.  Rather, the question for us (for me) is, “Is this belief evidenced in the way that I live?”  Do our responses to the daily struggles that we face line up with what we say we believe?

Jonathan Edwards writes these encouraging, yet convicting, words:

“If we indeed consider and feel that [all things] are from the hand of God, then we shall be disposed meekly to receive and quietly submit to them, and to own that [even] the greatest injuries received from men are justly and even kindly ordered of God, and so be far from any ruffle or tumult of mind on account of them.” (quoted in Total Church, 133)

What would our lives look like if we consistently lived like we truly believed this?


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